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About a year ago Ella began asking for her own Bible. A "real" one was her request. Not a devotional Bible or a kids Bible or a picture Bible. While I am not usually so inclined to give my kids what they are asking for just because they are asking for it, a Bible is another story.

And so, the hunt began. Which we included her in, because she has quite the opinion on what she likes.

After just a little bit of searching (and convincing that the camo Bible really wasn't for her) we finally found it. It is just her size...and purple.


And now, for the past year, her Bible has been a treasured item throughout her day. She will sit and "read" it during her room time (who cares if it was upside down for a while) and will take it to playdates. She sleeps with it in her bed (which is reserved for only the special-est of special items near and dear to her heart). She has earmarked the book of Esther because she says it is her favorite...and the name she wants to give her sister someday =)

She may not really be able to read it or understand it. But she esteems it.

It thrills my heart.

And humbles me.

Do I crave the word of God like I should?
Do I long for it?
Do I linger in the Word hesitant to leave?
Do I make it the priority of my day?

Scripture explains what our desire for the Lord and his word should be like with such metaphors as a newborn baby craving milk or like a deer thirsting after water (1 Peter 2:2 and Psalms 42:1).

I can't speak for the deer analogy...but I know what my children were like as babies when they wanted milk. Nothing else satisfied them. No amount of distractions or pacifiers.

And so my prayer is the humble one that I will follow the example of my daughter. That I will crave the Word and cherish it above all else.
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Bobbie Grant said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful picture. She is such a doll. She looks just like you.

the broomes said...

Such a sweet post-- and so challenging and true!