Thursday Thoughts

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Things are moving along as we nail in (literally) the last few remaining details before we leave in 10 days.

10 days?

10 days!!!

Here is a picture of their finished room. Well...mostly finished.
I plan on painting the bunk beds white at some point, but you know how that goes...

It has worked out that Jeremiah's parents will be keeping Ella and Ezra here while we are gone. That is such a relief because they will be able to take care of all the pet and household duties...and I won't worry about a thing. Thank you for all the offers of help! It is a wonderful feeling to know the support system we have as we begin this new journey of parenting Eli.

Not wanting to break the streak we have going on...we had to cancel at the very last minute our planned trip to visit my family because our pediatrician called me (after 5pm!) to tell me that Ella has strep. Man, I sure wish there was a way to make those rapid strep tests more reliable. We are not sure if she has hand/foot/mouth disease on top of the strep...but nonetheless...we aren't sharing with my family this weekend.

Ella (and me) were devastated.

Since I worked like a dog yesterday getting the house clean, the lawn mowed, the laundry done, and all kinds of odds and ends tied up so we could go on this trip...I seem to have the next few days free. Any ideas of cheap, easy, fun, and not a lot of planning required consolation day-trip ideas are welcome.

I really enjoyed working with the third graders this week at VBS. They aren't too old yet to discover that I'm really not that cool. And they listen way better than a certain four and two year old I spend a lot of time with. And they laughed at my jokes. And the boys don't have B.O. yet. Other types of odors...yes, but not B.O.

I got the privilege to take some pregnancy photos of our good friends, Josh and Kristen over the past weekend. They are expecting a girl, Natalie Clair, in early August. Here are some of my favorites:

Aren't they just too cute!

And speaking of babies...I am just so excited for my sister Mary Kate, who is due any day now with her second little girl, Madelyn Ruth! Any day now! Bring on the babies =)

Happy Thursday!
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Sorry you didn't make it to visit your family.

You should check out this place for a day trip. We meet our family there sometimes. It's about 1 1/2 hours away. Everything there is free or really, really cheap. It's easy to pack a picnic and spend the whole day there.

mommajeane said...

I love the room... the colors are brite and fun. I am sure Eli will love it too.

Tasha Via said...

This post made me absolutely GIDDY! I'm SO I'm going to go pick up Eli or something, ha! or I've been in the re-decorating process.

Kelly Via said...

Wow, Jenn, it's getting close!! The room looks fantastic! So sad that Ella is sick just before you leave...

the broomes said...

The room looks great!!!! I love the colors...I can't imagine how "real" it feels to walk in and see three beds and three names up on the wall! Praying for you all!