all in a days work

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Ezra has (finally) figured out how to make his own paper airplanes. This after months and months of his begging, er...asking me numerous times a day to make him one. Only to sorely disappoint him because mine weren't as good as Daddy's.

But I digress...

Since he has figured out how to make his own, we are running into a different problem. I'll call it a paper supply issue.

This was yesterday's accumulation:

Yes. One days worth of work. He doesn't really care to fly them.
Just build them.
And build them.
And build them.

And build them.

Future aeronautical engineer, perhaps?

Attention all grandparents reading this: Please update your birthday and Christmas lists for him to just include a few reams of paper.
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The Martins said...

Micah is the same! And I can't make them as cool as Daddy. I even bought him a kit last year and the directions are too hard for me! Oh well!

Ashley said...

That looks so familiar! I have three boys 7,7, and 6 that did the same thing!!! Luckily that phase is over (I think!)

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