Love Post #2: Ezra

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Oh, Ezra.

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways...

One. Two.

Skip a few...One million!

Despite the rough year he has had and all the many ways he grows my patience on an hourly basis I can't help but go all mushy inside when I look at him.

He is special.
All boy.
Smart as a whip.
Not easily deterred.
Quick to forgive.
And, oh so funny.

But again, I think a picture speaks louder than I'll let my pictures do my talking.

Heart of my heart he is, my Ezra James.
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mommajeane said...

We love your " all boyness" and your dimple... bear hugs and kisses to you too ....

Tasha Via said...

These pictures of the kids TOTALLY depict WHO they are:)
Sweet posts, Jenn!