Homeschool: Unschool Week

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Yeah, it was kind of a non traditional week of school around here. But I'm pretty sure that the kids still learned a lot. And had fun. And that's what matters in my syllabus.

We went to the park (field trip and physical education).
We learned about Walruses...Ella's choice of animal to learn about this week (science).
We went on a nature hike and collected precious collectibles. Which turned into a lesson about how to tell the age of a tree (math). And spurned various art projects (art).
We planted seeds (science).
Ella had her very first piano lesson (music).
All three kids learned their verses for the week...Eli's first! (Bible).
We started reading the Little House on the Prairie books aloud to Ella at rest time (reading).

I also started a new tradition of reading to the kids during lunch time. We've been focusing on an animal a week and I've been reading a new library book about that animal at lunchtime. It's amazing how focused they are when eating, ha!

Sometimes you've just gotta put the workbooks away and just have fun!
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Tasha Via said...

Love it, Jenn! Sounds a lot like our week:)

I am totally doing the "reading during lunch" thing. These boys and their attention span, ha!

Love was great to talk with you this afternoon.

Erin said...

I LOVED The Little House on the Prairie books!

Not to mention the fact that they are learning about how other people live life through the book Little House on the Prairie (social studies) and through scripture memorization they're more than likely learning how to treat eachother (personal/social skills).

You are such a fun mom to watch live life through this blog.

I'm with Erin the Little House books are a delight!