Not Me Monday (on tuesday)

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My son did not break a library dvd by "accidentally" rolling it down the basement stairs.

And I did not order a replacement dvd off of amazon for $5 rather than pay the $20 the library charges.

And I did not write DCL (durham co library) in tiny little letters on the dvd to mimic the original dvd so that no one would ever know.

And I do not justify this deception by knowing there are less scratches on the one I bought than the original one. That makes it ok. Right? Right.

Not that it ever happened of course.

Nope. Not my son.
And definitely not me.
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Rachael said...

On the floor laughing. I have never ever done that. Nope not me. And my kids are never that irresponsible. They have never colored in their library books because the pictures were in black and white, and they have never ever returned a book or DVD more than a week past its due date. And I have never EVER held on to a book that was WAY past due until the library offered its annual amnesty. Nope, not me. Must have been you!

Briana said...

oh that's awesome. so resourceful and sneaky. a wonderful combination!

i too have been thinking about the unmentionable birthday coming. we must talk soon to compare notes.