out of the foggy fog

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The foggy fog. The foggy fog.

Sorry, my Dora days make repeat that in my head in a little sing song voice.

I feel like the foggy fog I have been living in since I found out I was pregnant is beginning to lift.

I am feeling stirrings of motivation again. I am reading again. I am getting up early (er?) again to do my quiet times. I am listening to new music again. I have ideas and new thoughts and feel like taking photos again.

And here is a sure sign of my reemergence to the real world: I made a list this week.

Yep. I'm on my way back again.

And then once the nesting urge kicks in...watch out world (and closets and cupboards and toy bins). You aren't going to know what hit you.
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What an amazing picture!!!!!!!!!!!