Thursday Thoughts

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I love Valentine's day. It might be my second favorite holiday, after Easter. No pressure. No real gifts to buy. Just simply celebrating the ones I love. We always do a special family breakfast around here on I love you day and the kids open their valentines and eat their candy. Yes, chocolate and lollipops are ok for breakfast on holidays.

The weather has been positively balmy this week. We took advantage and headed to one of my favorite parks, packed a lunch, brought along some bubbles, and mooched some sand toys off of some nice sharing kids. I might have also let my kids take their shoes off, roll their pants up, and wade their feet into the lake.

Balmy, I tell you.

Spring can begin.

We also finished up the last of our post placement reports with our social worker. Hallelujah! Now I just have to write a yearly report on Eli...until he is 18. We took a picture with our social worker because 1) I'm a photo dork 2) she's been a big part of our adoption journey...of course I had to get a picture of her.

Ezra was less than excited to pose for a picture. Actually, he is always less than excited for her visit and behaves accordingly. It's a wonder we ever got a favorable recommendation. And Eli wasn't too keen on the picture idea either. He wanted to go outside and ride his car. Oh well. At least I documented our reality.

Happy Thursday!
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Renae said...

I have to tell you, our 3 year old ran around in his underwear the whole time our social worker was here last time...he DID have on clothes...but they don't last long..I think he finally ended up in a cape and boots..but still only underwear:). She just kept laughing!:)