Love Post #4: Jeremiah

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And last but still Jeremiah.

I love him for more than a million reasons. (But I'll spare you the really gross and mushy stuff.)

His superhuman strength and powers,
and ability to make rockin' paper airplanes for the boys,
the special bond he intentionally creates with each child,
how hot he looks while pushing a garden tiller,
yet how equally hot he looks while playing pretty pretty princess with his daughter,
how he can still catch me by surprise,
and he takes the time to teach his boys the really important things (you know, like how to pee standing up),
the sweet forehead kisses he gives me every single sunday morning before leaving,
and the unusual ability he possesses to look good in orange.

I love you Jeremiah James.

p.s. He also makes a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
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mommajeane said...

We love him too...He is a Godly role model for all of Jenn's siblings in many areas and he has encouraged Paul and me as well.