Thursday Thoughts

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I've written about my pink lemonade craving (which is still going on strong). And lo and behold, guess what I found at the local wally world lemonade candy. Bliss, I tell ya. Bliss.

Curled up in between two of my sweet softly snoring little ones is the most delightful way to take a nap. And I have been taking advantage of these moments a lot lately. Pregnancy has retaught me the fine art of taking a nap again. The world (and the laundry, phone calls, emails, cleaning, blogging and dinner prep) can wait.

I gave Eli a little hair cut this week, just around the ears and in the back. All by myself. And I've decided that cutting curly black hair is a lot easier than cutting super fine straight blonde hair. Ella also got a hair cut this week. Not by me. (Because of the above mentioned reason.)

Jeremiah did a science experiment morning with the kids this week. And of course, any science experiment with Jeremiah requires the use of proper safety equipment. In this goggles!

Happy Thursday!
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Bobbie Grant said...

If you are craving sour(ish) things you should give salt and vinegar potato chips a whirl. I loved them during my pregnancies and swear they even helped with nausea.
I would even eat them for breakfast.
I'm not really sure they would qualify as sour, but it's a similar taste I guess?

Pam said...

OH.MY.HEAVENLY!!!!! It is 9:00p.m. and I honestly think I might be taking a trip to Walmart right now!!!!!! :)