Not Me Monday

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I did not overhear this conversation as I stepped out of the shower this morning:

Ella (whizzing by the door and yelling): Ezra...STOP're freaking me out!!!!!!

Ezra (whizzing by the door, dangling some kind of bug in front of him and yelling) : Ella...dis is gonna freak you out!!!!!!!

Eli (trailing behind but whizzing by the door yelling) : Ezra, STOP SCREAMING!!!!!!!

Oh no. My children love each other at all times and never provoke each other. Or yell in the house. Or freak each other out.

And I certainly did not just laugh to myself and ignore the whole interaction. That would be lazy parenting...and I am never lazy.

Nope. Not my children. And Nope. Not me.

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mommajeane said...

:) :) :) Just thinking about them makes me smile.