funny like a clown

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I realized I have around 40 pictures of Ezra in his picture folder for this month. As compared to the 10 0r 15 that are in Eli's and Ella's.

No. This doesn't mean I love him more than them.

It just means he has had a funny month.

He is always funny. But this month...he has been exceptionally funny.

Whether he has been sporting his sexy shorts,
freaking his sister out,
checking out the flavor of his brother,
or getting into his sisters lipstick...

He is our resident family comedian.

And he doesn't even have to try.
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mommajeane said...

Oh Ezra...We love your lips and your funnies.

He is daddy's little boy!

You make me smile inside Ezra!

Love gramma

Hi! I have been following your blog ever since I found it on my dear friend, Pam W's blog. I love your stories, pictures, and your relationship with the Lord! We are expecting our first little boy in May and I'm wondering if he'll be like your Ezra. We have two little girls, so I have NO experience with boys but I always smile at your adventures!
love, Sarah McNeill

those lipstick lips are DARLING. I too have phases where one kid seems to steal my attention with the camera more. it all evens out.