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Since Jeremiah and I just recently did the math and realized that it is possible for all four of our children to be in college at the same time this post made me think that maybe we should try and force, um...steer at least two of them into some sort of vocational training instead of college.

Proof that miracles still happen. Love this story.

So often (myself included) we only consider the risk to ourselves and our family when considering adoption. We are so one sided in our concern about how it could possibly impact us. Us. Us. Us. Me. Me. Me. We forget the risks the orphans in our world are facing. And I love this woman's honesty regarding her realization of that.

If you are in need of a bit of stress relief advice. The best I've heard.

And finally, in a different vein for my fellow music lovers...I just discovered this new band (or at least new to me) and am really diggin them.
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Kristen said...

Must be a long week for everyone...I was expecting your Thursday thoughts today.

Kelly Via said...

Great links, Jenn! Check the stress relief one-it is the same link as the link above it. I'd like to see the stress one, though ;)

Kelly thanks! I'm a dork =) I fixed the link.

jenn, I didn't know who they were either, but the video that Paul troutt made this last trip he used that song beautiful things. It was soo good! the pictures and words were perfect matches....
did you see it?

Rachael said...

OMG-- thanks so much for linking to my most recent post! WOW, I'm flattered...and feeling guilty for not posting since. I think I am in a rut where I do not feel like I need to publicly whine, bitch, lecture, or brag to anyone. Hard to believe, huh???? I think I need to jump on your bandwagon and have daily themes -- may provide me with some inspiration and my readers with a shot of humor! I'll be back, promise.