Thursday Thoughts

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I should really title this one Thursday thought because there really is only one predominant thought going through my head today...

Passing court.

Round two takes place tonight.

I know many of you are praying and that means so much to us. Thank you. Like last week we should know something by mid afternoon tomorrow and I'll post as soon as I know.

For school this week we learned all about butterflies.

We made up coffee filter and cupcake liner butterflies. We learned all about the 4 stages of their life cycle. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar 76+ times. We wrapped up each other in toilet paper chrysalises. We made up a butterfly song and dance. We hunted for butterfly eggs on the backs on the milkweed plants lining our pond. We sent away for our real monarch butterfly larva and will watch our very own butterflies emerge in (hopefully) a few short weeks.

Click on the one of Ella drawing on the easel to see her (unprompted) depiction of the 4 life stages of a butterfly =)

A fun subject for sure.

Another fun subject this week has been Ezra's nap strike. Not that it is fun. Or funny. At all. When Ezra gets overtired he gets wound up. And then you had better just watch out. Or straitjacket him.

Two new pictures of Eli Cade this week!

Allergies are back. Bad bad back. Ugh. My poor kids get scared every time I emit an animal like growl in the attempt to relieve the itchy-scratchiness of my throat. Allergy sufferers unite!

I looked through the kids baby books (and my one attempt at scrapbooking) this week. Why do I torture myself like that. How does a baby seem to grow up in a seemingly single day. Sigh. Tear.

It brought up so many emotions about Eli. What kind of baby was he? Did he suck his thumb? What comforted him? Was he comforted? Was he sung to and rocked? I have every milestone of Ella and Ezra's carefully recorded...what toys they liked, when they first tasted solid food, when they took their first steps and so on. The first three years of Eli's life is just a big void for me. Unknown.

I can't dwell on that too long...

I can only focus on what his future holds.

Of course, we have to pass court first. Tonight.

Oh please. Please. Please.

Happy Thursday!
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Renae said...

Will be praying:)! Can't wait to see pictures of your cutie!

Kristen said...

Praying! (really great butterfly activity wih the pretzels - I might use that!)

Praying for tonight!

You guys are definitely in our well as Eli!!

Kelly Via said...

Praying for a PASS tonight!! Love you ;)

We are praying & waiting to hear!

Love you all!


Can't wait to hear GOOD news! :)

mommajeane said...

I can't wait to rejoice with you all and to meet this new little Hambrick...