...but keep the old

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I had a blast in ol' Chattanooga last week catching up with my ol' friend Briana.

And wouldn't you know...(and lucky for you) she has a scanner. How bout that.

The before shots of Briana and Jenn when we were young and silly and eighteen....

Yeah. We had some pretty crazy photo shoots. The above were the tame ones. Silly sillies we were.

And now, the after shot...

Somehow, amazingly, and slightly debatable...we both turned out pretty normal. Ha!

I thoroughly enjoyed every second of catching up with Bri, meeting and loving on her cutie patootie Rye, walking around Chattanooga, making an impromptu trip to Atlanta (cause that's where the IKEA is, duh), and making some new memories with my oldest best friend.
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trina said...

Love the pics! I've been going through my old pictures. It seems like yesterday doesn't it? What's sad is when your high school class mates have gained 200 lbs and look old. Does that mean I look old,too? Not me...lol.

Kelly Via said...

Awesome, Jenn!! What a fun fun trip! So glad you were able to get away and go visit with Briana. And, I love the old pics!