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1 Corinthians 13:8

...Love is not easily provoked.


This is easily applied to a marriage relationship.

But have I ever thought about how this applies to my parenting. With two (very soon to be three) toddler and preschool aged days are filled with opportunities to be provoked by them and to respond in anger. Filled.

Does this scripture apply to every other relationship besides the one I share with my children.


This is a thought that has been reverberating around in my head this week. After reading this.

I encourage all moms (not just adoptive moms) to read it.
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Tasha Via said...

Thank you for sharing this post Jenn. Now, don't make fun of me when I start belting out "I Love You" at play group to Zeke=)

mommajeane said...

It is a great parenting technique and one we have used or done with our new kids... thinking out of the "normal" ways works well here.. I just shared with another mom to do that.. and the bottom line to the child is always this," You are so worth this... because I love you." Thanks for sharing it.

I wonder how that would work with me belting out in song over Kerri's screaming when I drop her off anywhere . . . Seeing as how singing a solo in public is my idea of one of the greatest forms of torture for me, it would be an even bigger act of love ;) Seriously though, it is a great reminder that love is the bottom line. One of the latest adoption education things I've done actually said that love is not enough. Thanks for pointing out the other side.

thanks for the link...beautiful