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I had a nice long post all written out until the power went out unexpectedly. Then stayed out for four hours.

Oh well. Now you will just get the condensed version.

The upside of the power outage is that we had to eat lunch out. Oh darn.

I don't know why but lunch is my least favorite meal of the day and the meal I'd most likely choose to eat out if that were an option.

Riveting information, I know.

The kids and I have been discovering a new park each week for the past few weeks. Today we went to Westpoint Park. I wasn't sure about the location (kinda an iffy area of Durham) but the kids see it each time we drive to church and Ella has been very persistent that it be the next park on our list to visit.

So off we went. And I was delightedly surprised by how pleasant it was. Not crowded. Simple layout (meaning it was easy for me to keep my eyes on both of them). Good mix of play levels that kept both kids challenged yet happy. A great walking trail. A great nature trail. Sunshine and shade. Picnic tables. The only downfalls were that there was no bathrooms and because of the location, I was afraid to meander too far onto the nature path without my beastly strong husband by my side. Next time we'll take him along for protection.

A lot of people have been asking what is the next step in the adoption now that we have passed court. Right now we are waiting for a new birth certificate to be issued for him (with the last name of Hambrick!). Once that is taken care of he will be issued a passport. Then we will be notified of our embassy and travel dates, although we've been told it is likely to be the second half of June. So, again...we wait. But this wait is a lot easier knowing that he is ours and the NEXT step for us is going to get him.

We got a lot of new photos of him over the last few days. One I am particularly fond of because of his smile...

We also got a video with him in it...singing the ABC's along with the other toddlers at the orphanage. So cute. Ella and Ezra love watching it (over and over and over...). Not sure why, but every so often my kids get a laugh out of asking to drink from a bottle. Ezra asked this morning. And of course...monkey see...monkey do...

I totally slacked off in Ella's school this week. We've read every day, but that is it. So much nesting going on I've had to cut myself a little slack too. Just keeping it real.

I read this article this week and loved it. Thought I'd share with you.

Happy Thursday!
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Kelly Via said...

Eli has such a beautiful smile! I like that picture too!

Your kids drinking from a bottle is too silly!! It's funny that they are drinking from a bottle, nonchalantly, while watching a video of Eli.