Nothing Could Be Finer...

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Than turning twenty-niner!

This could very well have been my best birthday ever.


My sisters and brothers all (yes, i mean all of them) sent me cards. I think I win the award for the most birthday cards received on a birthday.

Then Jeremiah and Ezra fixed my favorite breakfast of pancakes and sausage. In the words of a slightly annoying tv cooking personality...De-lish! Sorry Dad, but I think Jeremiah is creeping up to you in the pancake making department. And he is sharing all his secrets with Ezra.

The rest of the day included a family effort to put in our vegetable garden, some shopping, a super sweet bag of presents from the kiddo's that included a new pair of gardening gloves and a candle (they know their Momma well), a long luxurious bubble bath, strawberry shortcake, and a surprise present from Jeremiah of my blog made into a book.

Of course, the news of passing court didn't hurt the day either.

Enjoy some pictures of my day...

p.s. Sorry Ladies, but the hunka hunka burning love pushing the tiller is taken.


There is nothing sexier than a man pushing a tiller.

Unless he is changing a diaper. Or washing the dishes.

Just saying.

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Pam said...

Happy Birthday! So glad it was a great day with family!:)

Pam said...

Ok, so I read your mom's blog and had to jump back over because I missed the line of you passing court! WOOHOO!! PTL!! So excited for you!

DeeDee said...

Happy Birthday Jenn! What a beautiful family you have been blessed with...and another blessing soon to come into your wonderful!
Love you!

RJ said...

Jeremiah looks hot

Tim said...

Happy Birthday! I second RJ but what happened to Pal's baby cheeks? Feed that man some beef!

Renae said...

LOL!!!! You always make me smile..and LAUGH! I'm so glad your birthday was full of blessings...especially little ones from Ethiopia:)!

Briana said...

wow that sounds like a mighty fine birthday! And may i say (without it being too awkward) that someone seems to have benefitted from the P90X. please don't tell Jeremiah I said that, he already has a big enough head. ;) love ya. birthday queen.

Keesha Via said...

You can def tell someone has been doing P90!