The Summer of 99'

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I am leaving today (on a jet plane...) to spend a few days with my best gal pal Briana in Chatanooga, TN.

We go way back. Way. Way back.

I'm talking pre-teenager days. Pre-Jeremiah days. Early DC Talk stage days.

While we visited throughout college and were in each others weddings and call and read each others blogs and meet up occasionally for breakfast and coffee and little moments...its been a long time since we have had any extended time together.

Since the summer of 1999 to be exact.

Too bad I don't have a scanner (and who'd ever heard of digital photos back then in those dark ages) or else I'd subject you to pictures of those days.

No matter how much time elapses from when we talk or meet I am always amazed at how easily we fall into comfortableness together. No need to make up a list of things to talk about in case things turn awkward for us...

Really. What kind of nerd would do such a thing?


It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can be stupid with them
- Emerson


I've got a few posts scheduled out in my absence, and of course, I'll post an update about our court news on Friday as well.
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Briana said...

I've prepared a list...just in case. It includes such discussion topics as:
1. how Jeremiah lookED like Jared Leto
2. My orthadontic experiences in the 90's.
3. The joys of April birthdays.
4.Whether or not turning Left on red after stopping is legal.
and other such gems. Can't wait to see you and let the fun begin! ;)

mommajeane said...

Hope you 2 have fun and don't get into any trouble.. I guess Rye will keep you both in line.