That Stage

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We are in that stage with Ella.

You know.

That. Stage.

Here, maybe a picture will help...


Maybe this will help...

Maybe we should just let Ella clarify it...

"It's a bunny with poop on his head and poop on his bottom."

Oh yes. Now you get it.




Poop is just sooooo funny.

Poo-poo head.

The I-think-everything-about-poop-including-saying-poop-a-million-times-over-and-over-is-immensely-funny stage.

That. stage.
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Kelly Via said...

Oh. my.

Sounds like tons of fun.

I LOVE that you showed the bunny with poo poo on his head!!

mommajeane said...

Oh Jenn... thanks for the laugh ...we prayed lots just for you all tonite... Did you feel the love that was sent your way?

Briana said...

it's funny how it seems to poop up in converstation at that age. see what i did there..haha i'm so funny.

praying for you, can't wait to hear, miss you lots. poop.

Bobbie Grant said...

That's all I had to say.

Tasha Via said...

So, I saw the picture and was guessing pubic hair. So, after thinking that, poop wasn't SO bad=)

haha...tasha that's funny =) yeah, i guess poop isn't so bad compared to that!

WEll I was thinking little boy poop really was a good thing! ;-) That stage is yet to come! ;-)

Oh the joys of parenthood!

Jamey... said...

We are in that same stage. I'm hoping that we're about to fall out of it, but all THREE of mine are in it. So tired of talking poop.