After 3 years 12 weeks and 6 days...

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It's official...

Ella is OURS!

To explain:
Due to some misinformed insurance choices we made early on in our marriage and the extra week Ella spent in the hospital at birth due to her prematurity...we racked up a lot of hospital bills with her!

That is all behind us as we have FINALLY paid off the last of her hospital bills this morning.

I guess we don't have to worry that the hospital is going to repo her anymore =)
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Congratulations on your baby girl ;-)

You beat us. We did not own Joy until she was 4 years old. We are also very scared that the hospital was going to come and repo her also. But I guess they had mercy on us since she was our only daughter.

mommajeane said...

If they ever do I volunteer to be the collection agency for them.

Kelly Via said...

Wow...way to go!! Congratulations on finally owning Ella!

Josh Via said...

I just did the debt free dance for you=)

Deb H said...

WOO HOO!! Dad wants to know if what you are supposed to burn? When you pay off a house your burn the mortgage...but it probably would not be good to burn the birth certificate. Maybe the next bill you get cause your payment crossed in the mail!? ;-)