This feels oddly familiar

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Exactly one week from his ear tube surgery...

Ezra has another rip-roaring double ear infection. Add a nice case of pink eye onto that and I have one very unhappy, non-sleeping, ball of snot on my hands.

Poor guy.

We are doing triple duty at the Hambrick Hospital...oral antibiotic, ear drop antibiotics, and eye drops. Now if only we could get some nasal spray and suppositories we'd have every orifice covered =)

(I'm not sure why it makes me happy to have used the word orifice? That's not a word that gets much opportunity.)

Despite having my hopes dashed that Ezra would be exactly like Ella who hasn't had a single ear infection since her tubes were put in over 2 years ago...I am hopeful that once his antibiotics kick in he will be back to his normal happy sleeping self again in a day or two.
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Tasha Via said...

Aww Jenn, I'm sorry. It happened so quick, huh. Hope he sleeps well tonight for you=)

the broomes said...

That's a huge bummer, Jenn! We too will pray for sleep and health to return to the Hambrick household!

mommajeane said...

Poor little guy... glad he got some medicine though.. praying you all have a better nite sleep.

Kelly Via said...

Yuck!! I hope that his orifices are clear soon!! Poor little guy!