I love...day three

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I love Ella:

  • The way she only eats the frosting off her cake
  • Her impressive imagination
  • The way she loves to jump
  • Her fearlessness
  • The way she insists on bringing along at least 2 "friends" wherever we go and sleeping with about 200 of them.
  • The crazy names she comes up with for all her "friends"
  • The way she insists on wearing her princess dresses all the time.
  • Her fascination with dinosaurs, snakes, and spiders.
  • The way she rejects all my attempts at pillows and blankets
  • Her sparkling green eyes.
  • Her discerning and independent nature.
  • The way she just makes up crazy words if she doesn't remember the right word for something...for example "crystal" became "prickle" and "shock" became "shi*"...that one was embarrassing!
  • The way her emotions are so openly displayed on her face...despite her best efforts to hide them from me.

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Tasha Via said...

Just the icing off the cake..that's my kind of girl=)

I love your "loves" this week!

Briana said...

i'm very appreciative that you backed up your comments with corresponding pictures. i liked that a lot. that is one little cutie/fireball/Jenn-Jr you have on your hands there. ;)

mommajeane said...

I agree with Briana's comments....she sure does sound like someone Briana and I know very well... you are blessed!

Allyson Hemric said...

lol those princess dresses. Last time i kept the kids she put on every single one and politely corrected me when i put the necklace on backwards -- she's so cute!

Becky Swann said...

what a cool gal! I love hearing about her!

Deb H said...

WEll,I think next birthday she should just get the can of icing with a candle in it!! Maybe her "interest" in spiders and snakes came from her gramma Bugs... ;-)

Hollan said...

Jenn,U can buy Ziacam nasal spray which really helps cut ur cold in half! i think u can only buy it at walmart though! I hope u guys get well! Hollan