technical difficulties...

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My old faithful computer has been dying a long, slow, and painful death. Being the chea...I mean frugal person that I am I have refused to get a new one for a long time...despite Jeremiah's proddings =)

But...the time has come and as of yesterday I am ready to "pull the plug" on it!

We are finally going computer shopping!
Anyone know of any really good deals out there?
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Kelly Via said...

You might be able to get one for free with your ecbs?? Or, look in this sunday's paper for the 'free computer' coupon ;)

JK - anyways, way to go keeping that one alive for so long. I guys have even doctored on the little keys and everything! RIP old computer!

Becky Swann said...

We got our PC refurbished at Dell online, but you can get refurbished mac's also, they are like new but they are much cheaper because they had to be redone in some way. Hope that helps:)