My Love

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I hacked into my wife's account to write this. I wanted to tell her readers a little more about how incredible this woman is. If you couldn't already tell from her posts. I wanted to give you the other side of the story.

When you read a post from this woman it shows her creativity, compassion, love, commitment, faith, and strength. These things are just evident in the way she writes. These things are just there and hard to miss.

What many of you might not know is that her actions, her attitude, her heart, all say the same thing. You see I am married to this woman who simply steals my breath in a way I cannot fully explain. She is an inspiration to me! She is irresistible, she is irreplaceable, she is amazing in a way that leaves you thinking about her all day. She is beautiful in the mornings, she is gorgeous at night. She is simply radiant.

I lay awake a couple nights ago just watching her sleep and she still radiated as she lay there dreaming. I realized then just how great a woman I was looking at. And I thanked God that this would be the woman who I grow old with, who helps raise our kids, who instills godly, womanly, virtues in the heart of my daughter, and who mother's and encourages my son. What a blessed man am I, how blessed are my children to have her as their mother.

To the woman who makes a difference in so many lives every day, I love you with all that I am. I praise God because in creating a creature like you He revealed how great He is! You are the woman, not of my dreams, but of my life. You have me forever.

with all my heart,
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Jeremiah,you are so sweet to share your heart like this and to honor Jennifer. You indeed are a blessed man and she is also a very blessed woman to have you. I love you both and am so very proud of you.

Deb H said...

ohhh, Jeremiah I cried when I read this. Jennifer is so blessed to have a man that loves her like you do, with all his heart. You are blessed as well to have such a precious Godly wife. God has surely blessed you both beyond measure. We love watching your lives unfold before us and wait with anticipation to see what great plans God has for you and your family!

Kelly Via said...

Awe, so awesome. I love that people are stealing computers today to write such sweet things. I loved reading what you had to say about Jen. So awesome (and so true - at least the stuff that pertains to our friendship...I don't watch her sleep or anything :)!)!! You guys are such a blessing! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day!