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I just finished Chaos, the fourth and last book in the Ted Dekker Lost Books Series.

Altogether I liked them.

Not as good as the original Circle Trilogy books...but very on par with his other books. I liked how they helped to explain some aspects of The Circle Trilogy further. Also, they are classified as juvenile fiction so they are a very easy and quick read...perfect for this mom who reads in whatever snippets of time she gets!

Also, Jeremiah and I are currently reading through The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. We have heard so much about this book over the past year...both incredibly good and horrifically bad reviews...that we figured we needed to read it for ourselves and make up our own minds about it. We are reading it on our "technology-free Thursdays" so it is kind of slow-going...but so far it is very interesting.

More to come on this one as we finish it.


Tim said...

I haven't read The Shack. & yes there seems to be quite the controversy... might I suggest a very good video... I really like 7:39...

Anonymous said...

I read The Shack and really enjoyed it. Then I heard about all the controversy and thought I was horrible for enjoying it! I think its very important to remember that it is a fiction book and the author's prospective. I thought it was an interesting take on things...


mommajeane said...

I agree with Anonymous some... actually J and J are reading our copy... I think it is appropriate for mature christians to read as a fiction book but I did not really think it was true..just his perspective. Actually I did not really like it but think if someone is going to state an opinion they should at least read the book. I have heard mostly criticism about it. I just watched the video Tim shared, but don't totally agree with everything that pastor states about the book.I do agree with that pastor on some of his points but I was not reading it to read the Gospel truth. I was reading it as purely a fiction read and I was curious why all the whooplah... way overated.

Tim said...

Jeane, understood and appreciated, but to clarify I provided a link to MD's opinion, not my own. :)

mommajeane said...

Tim... I knew that about your opinion and this book. I was trying to say many of the people who have had an opinion have not read the book and in my opinion they should leave their comments to themselves until they have.

I still love you :) How could I not love someone who loves the farm and eating Bojangles breakfast when we visit. Come by the next time we are down.


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