Sibling Sunday

We took a walk on the trail around the pond this week and they had the best time together...


Addie said...

I love Ezra's face with the vine in his hand :)

Deb H said...

GREAT PICS!! I can't wait to get some in person hugs!!! Tell Ella when she wakes up 3 times I will see her! ;-)

love you all!

mom h

mommajeane said...

Beautiful pictures...they look so sweet together and loving being outside. From what they are not wearing it must be nice weather there... it is cold here :(

Tim said...

I like the B&W pictures the best! Ahh, the farm. Good times. I miss the farm. I remember one morning I came out there to work on my (H)Jeep and your family was there (all 50-11 of them) and they had Bojangles breakfast for everyone. Those Bo-rounds rocked! And you made coffee too! The farm man... the farm... I bet you thought I would never get that Heep out of there.


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