A flock of thieves!

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We have three outdoor cats here at the farm...who are very well loved solely for their mice and snake-hunting abilities =)

We keep their food bowls on our side porch and have been noticing that their food was being eaten up ALOT faster than normal. We know we have deer that might have been eating it and have even caught a very fat possum helping himself to the tasty treats on several occasions.

Side note: what in the world was the Lord thinking when he created possums?

However, this morning I caught some other culprits right in the act...

Yes...5 or 6 blue jays were enjoying their morning breakfast of cat food. Who knew that birds like cat food?

Those jays better be careful though...
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Kelly Via said...

Those kitties are going to think they are getting a special treat in their bowl one morning...'blue jay delight!'