Doctors Handbook

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After several frustrating doctors visits/encounters I thought about some of the things I would include if I were to write a Doctor's Handbook:

  • Don't wait several days to call me back
  • Even if I am the 100th patient you have seen today...pretend that I am important
  • Inform your reception staff that if they are just kind to me I will overlook a lot of flaws
  • Put yourself in my shoes
  • Don't rush me...after all I have been on hold for you for a loooong time
  • Don't keep me on hold for a loooong time
  • Don't throw insurance surprises on me on the day of my visit
What about you? What would you add to this handbook?

Hmmm...I think I feel a series coming on?!
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Anonymous said...

Don't tell me that you THINK I may have some sort of infection and PLEASE take these strong antibiotics and when I ask what the lab results said don't say "I haven't looked at them yet."

Oh, and don't make me come in for a second test because the lab screwed up the first and then call me back because you lost the results and need a third test.

(I don't go to that particular doctor anymore...)


Don't book so many appointments (on account of making a buck), that I have an HOUR wait when I am scheduled for the FIRST appointment...OB/GYN, pregnancy with David, regular occurance. (Never going back)

Jeanne D. said...

Tell me the truth. I can take it. When I ask if I'm dying maybe I have the right to know, and maybe I actually WANT to know. It's your job. Sorry it's hard for you. (I'm not dying as far as I know. My dad's doctor wouldn't be straight with him and I used to see this problem alot at the hospital.)

mommajeane said...

When I call first thing when you open with a sick child... do not give me a 4 pm appt... when we both know if it is for an ear infection and if I had gotten in earlier and had given my child 2 doses of antibiotic by the time you gave me a late appt.. they would sleep better and have 6 hrs of the meds in them already on the mend. Why don't you come to my home tonite and help me get thru another nite.... since I had to wait so long to see a doctor.... even though I called first thing grrr.... We go to a diff. pediatrician now but I have had that experience more than once.

Don't charge me a fee for cancellation of an appointment. Life happens. We're busy, too.

Addie said...

Don't tell me you didn't draw enough blood from my kid and we have to go back and do it again!

And tell your 'secretaries' that they don't know the history of a child's health near as well as the parent does, if the parent says there's a problem, LISTEN!

This is fun :)

Kelly Via said...

Don't OFFER treatment to my other child (when its not her appointment) and then charge us for it at the front desk after I accepted!!

Do make notes as to how to pronounce hard-to-say names. Feeling like your doctors/receptionist 'knows' your children goes a long way.

Please don't send me a bill before filing it with our insurance. It's just confusing! 1. File with insurance. 2. bill patient the remainder.

Tasha Via said...

If your nurse asks a ton of questions before you actually come in, PLEASE read those written notes BEFORE you come in to talk to me and ask me the EXACT SAME QUESTIONS!

Don't EVER dismiss anything I am concerned about without at least pretending to check it out. I am the mother and although I have no medical education I know my child a million times better than you.