Little boy for hire

Name: Ezra James
Area of expertise: Dishwasher dis-assembler
Years of experience: Just a few months...but I am a very fast learner!
Salary requirements: Just feed me lots of fruit and give me a few cars to play with and we'll call it even
Refrences: Call my mommy!
Contact info: Call my mommy =)


Tasha Via said...

Ha! Can he open the dishwasher all by himself or did this happen as soon as you turned your back?! I like how he is almost Completely INSIDE=)

I'll take him for hire next sat. around 11:30=)

mommajeane said...

Does he mind how often he does this? We empty daily and often 2 times...:) I will pay you guys for the opportunity to spend time with the "grandest" 17 month old.


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