The Ideal Pastor's Wife

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Someone at Grey Stone gave Jeremiah and I an old 1960's cartoon that depicts a Blueprint for the Ideal Pastor's Wife:
  • File Cabinet Mind with the following files:
  1. Misc. file of all information that husband is apt to forget
  2. Recipe file of 999 ways to prepare hamburger and chicken
  3. Information file on child psychology, marriage problems, etc.
  4. Clever idea file to keep up husbands morale
  5. Name of every member, guest, visitor, etc.
  • Ear with automatic sifter to sort our information to be repeated from that which is to be kept confidential.
  • 4 arms to keep kids clean, well-dressed, and obedient at all times
  • Nose - big enough to detect every disturbance yet small enough to stay out of people's business
  • No heart to be hurt, offended, or affected by all criticisms or complaints.
  • Mouth - always smiling and saying good things
  • Feet - substantial enough to work and work and work...
  • Hair - half in the fashion of the day and the other half in motherly style
  • Figure - Not too glamorous and not too matronly
  • Clothing - Always neat, not too new, not too old, not too fancy, not too plain.
  • Escape valve to relieve tensions
Obviously, these are pretty funny!

But, truthfully...

I wouldn't mind having some of these traits...namely the file cabinet mind =)

p.s. the Blueprint for The Ideal Pastor to come later
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Kelly Via said...

Wow, nice Jen. Some of them were pretty good, others...not so ;) Like...I don't think it would be the best thing for a pastor's wife not to have a heart!

Was there a diagram? I can just picture the diagram now!!