Not Me Monday

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I did not consume a way over proportioned burger and fries at Red Robin last night and eat the remainders of my childrens meals too. I never eat off my kids plates. Disgusting.

I really did not ignore the smelly feet of Ella and smooshed lightning bugs on Ezra's hands (he's just trying to love them) and just give them a washcloth wipe down rather than fool with a bath last night. I'm clean like that.

And I most certainly did not avoid the laundry all last week and now have mounds and mounds and mounds and mounds (seemingly) to catch up on. I am always on top of it.

Finally, I absolutely did not make my husband stop at CVS on his Father's Day and then forget to use 2 high dollar coupons (only to realize it at 3am and sit up in bed!) I never make mistakes like that. I am the coupon queen.

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Tasha Via said...

I am laughing out loud! HA=)

Kelly Via said...

Nice, Jenn!! Love it. Jonathan would be SO sad if I took him to CVS on Father's Day. So sorry you forgot 2 coupons!! BLAST!