What a family we have...

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I was doing my quiet time this morning and praying for all three of our families and it hit me...what an incredible spiritual heritage Jeremiah and I have been blessed with. For example, here is what is going on in the life of our three families THIS week:

Jeremiah's parents and sister are currently in Haiti leading a team on a missions trip building an orphanage and working with a local feeding program.

Rick and Janet Via (our adoptive parents) are currently in Uganda, Africa leading a team on a missions trip that provides medical care, training for local missionaries, help with Arise Africa's orphanage, and much more.

My parents are currently waiting for travel dates for the adoption of their 23rd and 24th children (Andrew Seth and Gracie Jane) from Bulgaria. No, that is not a typo. Yes, you read that number right. They have adopted 17 children (soon to be 19) from Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, and now Bulgaria.

To whom much is given, much is expected -Luke 12:48

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What agency does your mom go through? Two of the countries we are considering adopting from are Bulgaria and Ukraine. I've been doing a lot of research lately and we hope to start the process next year.

mommajeane said...

Michaella- email me I have lots of info. I can share. We use AboutAChild for our Ukraine and Bulgarian adoptions. The Bulgarian lawyer who facilitates in country is a wonderful christian woman. We just love working with her. We will be traveling in a few weeks.. PTL. mommajeaneb@aol.com

Jeanne said...

Wow, what a family! I thank your mom for her spirit, and her blog, from which I get inspiration whenever I'm tempted to be weighed down by the issues of my one biological and two adopted blessings. I love the quote about God expecting alot from us. (When we first started fostering, Alli was 11, and she was the one reminding me that we had so much, and others had so little.) And, Hooray for Andy and Michaella! I didn't know that plan.