Saving Money 101: The don't-go-cheap edition

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So, I mentioned in the last Saving Money 101 post that there are some things I just can't go cheap on.

For us those items include:

- Breakstone Cottage Cheese
- Diapers (Huggies or Pampers)
- Aveeno Lotion
- Bush's Baked Beans
- Toilet Paper
- Dove Conditioner

What about you? What items are a must have for your family...even without a sale or coupon?
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Jeanne said...

JIF -- There is no substitute.

Tasha Via said...

You know mine! STARBUCKS COFFEE=) I can always find it on sale at ONE of my stores though, thank goodness!

I agree with you on the TP too!

Oreo Cookies and soft drinks... they just are not the same in the generic!

K said...

Toilet paper and Duke's mayo.

Bobbie Grant said...

Charmin TP and all of my hair products have to be salon. Luckily my BFF works in a beauty supply store and I get the before mark-up price then her discount, so I pay less for Redkin than I would Suave.

Kelly Via said...

Famous Amos Cookies (when you have to have them - there is no substitute!), Coffee, baby wipes, ketchup, tampons/pads (TMI?), ice name a few. I am with you on the Bush's beans too!!

Tim said...

Caribou or Bucks coffee...
I scored 360 Walgreens diapers through a Fatwallet deal for $44.88 with FREE SHIPPING and they worked just as good as the Huggies we used So I've added Walgreens diapers to the list...