Simple Summer Night

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About 8pm every night our backyard turns into our own personal fireworks display.

The lightning bugs are amazing!

The kids have mastered the art (and fun) of catching them. Ezra is hilarious to watch because he will take off in chase of one only to get distracted by another and totally switch directions.

You can almost hear the bug screaming "pull-up, pull-up" as he comes chasing them!

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Anonymous said...

We used to smear them on our shirts - glow in the dark shirts! I'm sure mom appreciated that:)


Kelly Via said...

Pull up Pull up!!

Haha. That's great!

I like your picture of you and Pal; its cute of you guys!

allyson Hemric said...

lol we used to pinch off the part that glows and wear it as a ring...

the thought of that grosses me out now, but it was lots of fun when we were little :D