Picture Overload: Our Week

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My best pal Tasha is sans husband for a few weeks while he is in Africa. Of course, we love any excuse to get together and what better one than the excuse of "help" while hubby is away =)

We've been having tons of fun all week and I thought I'd share a few pictures of our time together:

Pretty pretty princesses (and prince's) on the porch eating popsicles

We made it to the Durham Museum of Life and Science one day and we all had a blast!

Rainy liked the gigantic ant colony and the boys (of course) loved the balls.

Drum roll, please...

The whole clan (minus the picture taker, of course!)

Ella's butterfly and the bubble maker

Shadow sand fun and sweet Areyna

Yesterday was Jeremiah's day off and he packed up the boys for the very boy task of finding a new DVD player for our now dead one. Electronics and boys just seem to go together!

Areyna and Ella have been in their own little make believe world of mermaid pools and fairy houses for hours and hours. Of course they manage to come back to reality and find a few minutes to "rescue" the ants from the sand box and put their numerous babies and animals down for naps =)

Wagon (roller coaster) rides up and down our hill...what a work out for me!

The pool is a hit...on a daily basis here (Ezra decided real men don't wear bathing suits!)
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mommajeane said...

Way to go Ezra :) Loved all the pics of such happy kiddos.