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Question #2: How do you plan your meals?

Since I do my grocery shopping every 2 weeks (I make a small once a week run for milk & fruit) I like to plan about 10 meals for that 2 week period. Because Jeremiah is always gone on Tuesdays and Wednesday nights and we usually eat out one other night a week, usually 10 meals is more than enough to last us two weeks.

Before I begin I look at what I currently have in the pantry/fridge and what sales are available and make my list accordingly. I also try to build in at least 1 or 2 crock pot meals and at least 1 less than 20 minutes to make meal - for those days that I am not going to be home or we are busy. If I know it is going to be an especially busy week I plan in more easy meals, etc. I also try to serve 1 meatless meal a week.

I have found that by planning out my meals I cut down drastically on those "quick trips" to the store for one thing that end up costing $20 or $30 a stop. I also love to cook...but hate thinking up what to cook. Having a plan takes that part out of it for me!

Here's an example of our current two week list:
(Which actually lasted us over 3 weeks because of VBS last week and the fact that I didn't cook dinner for over 7 days!)

1) Chicken Quesadillas w/ mexican rice
2) Pulled BBQ chicken sandwhiches w/ corn on cob and homemade french fries (crock pot)
3) Grilled marinated pork chops w/ sauteed veggies and brown rice
4) Spaghetti and salad (20 minutes or less meal)
5) Shrimp Scampi
6) Homemade Pizza
7) Lemon pepper chicken w/ angel hair pasta and veggies
8) Chicken salad wraps w/ baked potatoes and fruit
9) Tomato soup and grilled cheese (20 min. or less and meatless meal)
10) Taco Salads

I save all my lists in order to get ideas when I get in a rut or if I am running short on time. There is always room for flexibility or cravings in our the above list isn't a set in stone thing, just a general outline.
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Tasha Via said...

I love how you plan your meals out! Thanks for the meal ideas. I def. get in a rut sometimes and it's always nice to see some other menus out there to "steal" from=)

Anonymous said...

I made a plan last week but its been a little difficult to stick to it because Josh keeps making suggestions...I may have to involve him in the making of the plan. Thanks for the good ideas...I will need your recipe for BBQ pulled chicken, sounds good!


Bobbie Grant said...

I am loving these posts! I've meal planned for years and it has been a lifesaver, especially when we are busy and need dinner ready fast. I will usually do my "prep" (chopping, defrosting, marinating) as soon as I get home from the store, or the night before so the meal is ready.

allyson Hemric said...

just curious... but why the meatless meal?

Jessica said...

I love meal planning - especially since I work night shifts. The one thing I do different is we eat one meal with meat a week or less if I can convince Don. All veggies and fruit!!! I have some easy recipes for meatless meals if you need them.