20 month update

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Somehow we have gotten to the 20 month mark with Ezra.

Would someone like to tell me how this has happened?

I think Jeremiah summed it up best when he said that Ezra is just a "little ball of awesomeness" right now.

Here are some highlights of our little man:

- He still loves to eat. Fruit remains the mainstay of his diet, but he also enjoys his veggies, cereal, yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken nuggets, peanut butter, and pizza. We recently discovered that he loves ice cream cones...just the cone though =)

- He is still a great sleeper, going from 8pm to 8am on most days. He takes one afternoon nap usually lasting 3+ hours. He still shares a room with Ella and they do great together!

- His favorite things are "car-cars", trains, motorcycles, bikes, tractors, or anything with wheels. Of course, whatever Ella is playing with trumps anything else =)

- He loves to climb and has pretty much mastered stairs. He loves to run and is quickly becoming harder to catch! He loves to scream...when happy or sad or just because. He also loves to throw things on the floor and shout "oh no" with feigned dismay. He loves stickers and will actually sit still for a good while pulling them off and on, off and on, etc. He loves to help Jeremiah cut the grass and has learned to duck out of the way of tree branches =)

- He doesn't like having to sit still, getting his nose wiped or diaper changed, being told no, Daddy leaving, or being left out of anything Ella is doing.

- He continues to be such a little socialite...NEVER meeting a stranger and always trying to win over a new friend with a smile and flash of his dimples. He also continues to be extremely affectionate and easily gives kisses and hugs.

- We are really working hard on the basics of obedience with him...but he is proving much more stubborn than his sister. He just laughs at many of our attempts at discipline...but we just keep reminding ourselves that consistency is key =)

- He has made it a whole 2 months without an ear infection, praise the Lord! Maybe we are finally over that cycle! Now if only we could get a handle on his eczema.

- His vocabulary is picking up and he is adding new words almost daily. You wouldn't understand a single one of them though as all his words sound like he is saying them with a stopped up nose =) My favorite new word that he says now is amen. So cute. He insists on holding our hands when we say grace before meals and during our bedtime prayers.

I was watching him wrestle with Jeremiah this week and I was struck by how old he is looking now. He has completely lost his baby look to me and is truly a toddler. A big part of me admits to wanting to hold onto his baby-ness a little bit longer...but I wouldn't trade the fun of watching his personality develop and the world open up to him for anything.

He is an absolute joy...

and I love being his Momma
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Bobbie Grant said...

Jenn, he is just the cutest little boy, ever! He's going to be quite the ladies man.
Reagan has lost every ounce of baby-ness (I was just talking about that last night) it makes me so sad.
I didn't think you were ignoring me! I thought you were just busy. I will send another email :)

Kelly Via said...

He is definitely a little ball of awesomeness!

I am feeling you with the 'laughing at the discipline' part...but with consistency you are right, we will succeed!!

Briana said...

so, apparently Ezra and I have a LOT in common. Such as... loving to eat, loving to sleep, loving to scream for whatever reason, loving to peel off, put on and then peel off stickers and loving to wrestle. Although i refuse to wrestle with Jeremiah anymore after he threw me up against the wall in that inflatable boxing ring at Rainbow Forrest which i clearly have still not forgiven him for. ;)

anyway what i'm saying is that you obviously have a very cool kid.