No more waiting

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Jeremiah started this strep throat escapade just a mere 11 days ago.

It has since spread to include Ella, then Ezra, Christian, and Addie. As of tonight (thank goodness for the Minute Clinic!) I can now stop being paranoid knowing that it was just a matter of time...and claim to be the official 6th person to fall victim to it.

After a very long and feverish night with Ezra we headed to the doctors this morning and learned that poor Ezra has hand, foot, and mouth disease on top of it.

Nasty virus.
(You can read about it here if you are a nerd like me!)

Poor guy.
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Tasha Via said...

Well victim 7 and 8 are here with me. Areyna and Zeke got it but are on anti-biotics and just fine=)

And Areyna got hand foot mouth disease when she was just a little over a year old. It WAS a nasty virus for sure, and HIGHLY contagious (to kids anyway). Poor guy, I hope he gets over it quickly and that Ella can stay clear of it!

Addie said...

Oh I'm so happy we're all in the club together! Makes for good memories :-)This is MAY! What is going on???!
Hope you ALL feel better soon. We're doing great here and Aliya is still symptom-free...fingers crossed :)

Addie said...

Well, nevermind that. Aliya has officially fallen prey...on the weekend of course! ER wasn't near as crowded as it was with Ella though :-)

Allyson Hemric said...

I've yet to see any symptoms of the HFMD from keeping the kids (thank goodness!) --

although, because i knew he had strep, i tried to keep my hands washed thoroughly - so maybe that will help me avoid HFMD all together!