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I really hate coming home from a long trip away and walking in the door and being greeted by all the things I didn't do before we left.

Fruit flies because of rotting fruit.
Smelly refrigerator because of food gone bad.
Stinky house because of decomposing trash that didn't get taken outside.


Knowing this, I have a pretty extensive day-before-we-leave-for-a-trip-to-do-list:

- Laundry caught up (in order to pack the suitcases and not be greeted by full laundry baskets upon coming home!)
- Pack (I picked up some great tips for packing for a long road trip from my friend Tasha here)
- Extra food and water for cats and bird
- Water houseplants
- Clean out fridge
- Make kids and husband eat up all food that will expire and all fruit that will rot before returning =)
- All trash cans emptied
- Water all potted plants outside
- Make sure check book is balanced and all bills paid
- and finally, I usually clean my house the day before we leave. Nothing like coming home to a clean house!

Rarely do I actually get all these things done...but a girl can try!
(I am actually doing pretty good this time around. I only have to water the outside plants this morning...then we are off!)

Do you have things you just have to do before leaving for vacation?
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Briana said...

are you guys and the Via's both heading to Florida at the same time? that's a bit odd. well i hope you have a blast and i have no tips at all. good luck. :)

Tasha Via said...

my mom always cleaned the toilets before we'd head out=) I always thought it was funny...until I came home to rings around my toilets and stinky water in the bowl. I have started carrying on that tradition;)