It's the thought that counts

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When we first started dating Jeremiah bought me several little cut glass figurines similar to this one...

Then our first Christmas as a married couple I got him a thermometer.

Perfectly good gifts except that...

I hate knick-knacks and...well...why in the world did I think he would like a thermometer?

We laugh now at how absurdly off we were in our early gift giving days!

Thankfully we have learned a lot from those early years together and have refined our gift giving abilities!

That means I stick to things that have cords for him =)

I'd love to hear of any funny stories of gifts you gave or got for/from your significant other before you really knew them!
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Briana said...

the first Christmas Trev and I were dating he came up to VA to visit. He hadn't gotten me a present (yet) but i had gotten him one (go figure). So, he made me go to the mall and pick out my present which as you know goes against all of my strongly held beliefs about presents being surprises. Ugg, it was so awkward, "um, can you buy me this?"... Thankfully he has learned (or should I say, been trained) since then. ;)

Tasha Via said...

So, the first Christmas that Josh and I were dating I was CLUELESS about his likes/dislikes and interests. I got him a "cool" reversible, flannel, jacket from Wal-mart=) HA!

Then, there was the time when Josh had to run out during our mother's day party to get me a rose and a card...that was a fun day=)