Diaper Deal

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For those of you with kiddo's still in diapers, or for those of you getting ready to have a kiddo... Kroger is having a great diaper deal this week I thought I'd share:

Huggies and Pull-Ups are on sale for 8.99 a pack. The Kroger promotion is buy $15 in Huggies products and receive $3 off instantly. This promotion combined with the plethora of Huggies coupons available right now makes for a pretty sweet diaper deal!

Here's what I did:

1 pack diapers $8.99
1 pack pull ups $8.99
= $17.98
- $1.50 diaper newspaper coupon
- $1.50 diaper e-coupon (click here to get yours)
- $5.00 pull-ups coupon (for joining Huggies mailing list...sign up here)
- $2.00 pull-ups e-coupon (click here to get yours)
- $3.00 Kroger instant savings

= $4.98 Total!
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I am the mom said...

Hey Jenn--did this deal end yesterday or is it good for this week? Doesn't Kroger have a Wednesday-Tuesday sales week?

The ad flyer says it runs through May 30th.

I am the mom said...

Awesome! We don't have Krogers down in this part of the state, so I'm cluless about what's going on! Thanks!