From bliss to agony...

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One of the first posts I wrote about was how parenting can be bliss and agony at times.

I had a bliss to agony moment this week.

I had a bunch of banana's that were past their prime. Being the frugal person that I am I decided that instead of just throwing them out (at least a $1 in waste) I would make banana bread out of them. Never mind that I probably used $5 worth of ingredients for the bread =)

I got the kids to help me make the bread and we had a blast together.

Fast forward 2 minutes.

The kids are down and playing and I am cleaning up the kitchen.

I hear laughing coming from their room and smile to myself.

Then Ezra's laugh becomes half laugh half cry.
Then it becomes all cry.

I better go check on this and head towards their room.

I peek around the corner into their room.

I gasp so big that I suck all the air out of the house with what I see.

Ella has looped her "jump rope" around Ezra's neck several times and is tugging it tight.

Of course I rush towards him and release him. You know how you read about seconds seeming like was one of those experiences. Not only was it looped around his neck but somehow it was tied in knots. As soon as I got it loose I scooped him into my arms and burst into tears.

Very uncharacteristic of this mommy.

(I'm still not really sure why I reacted that way. I think I just knew that if I hadn't gone to check so quickly...well, I just don't like to think about what could have happened.)

so Ella burst into tears too.

Once we all calmed down we had a very serious discussion about why we never put ropes around necks.

if we are just trying to lasso our brother.
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Briana said...

oh my goodness, that is VERY traumatic. I believe that bursting into tears was entirely appropriate for that situation. Of course I'm practically bursting into tears reading about it, but i blame the crazy hormones on that. ;)

Bobbie Grant said...

Very scary! I have had those moments, believe me. Your description of parenting being bliss and agony is about as accurate as you can get.

Deb H said...

ohhhh, I would have cried too, so THANKFUL you went to check when you did! Thank you Jesus!!

Praise the Lord that you went to check so quickly. You are a wonderful mom. I thank the Lord that He watches over all our children.

Kelly Via said...

Wow, terrible!! Praise the Lord that He led you to check on them when you did. What a scary situation. I think I would have burst into tears as well.