Runny Huts His Own Cair

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Runny gave himself a cairhut
(But he would not admit it).

When his scamma molded him,

He said, "The darber bid it."
So she went to bee the sarber.
The swarber said, "I bear

I did not souch one tingle head

Upon your little hare."

- Shel Silverstein

It was time for a hair-cut for Ezra. After the awful way he behaved for his last hair-cut I decided I would just do a little snip-snip of my own.

Pretty sure that wasn't a good idea.

Maybe I'll just tell everyone he cut it himself =)

***Update: Jeremiah decided that he looked too much like Jim Carrey in Dum and Dumber and re-cut Ezra's hair tonight. He did a much better job than me. I'll post pictures later.***
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mommajeane said...

We are reading your blog and laughing about your comment that Jeremiah redid it. He looks so diff. with the bangs shorter but he still is such a cutie. We also laughed at your Shel Silverstein quote... I remember lots of laughter as you and Jeremiah would read parts of that or another book like that. Thanks for the laughter tonite.. I needed that.

Heather said...

Ok, we really need to get together. :) I'll walk you through it. :) `

Jeanne said...

One word....Flowbee! (if that's how you spell it.)