Florida 2009, day 1

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We decided that we would split up the drive this year and stopped about 6 hours into the trip.

Our one (realistic) request was that our hotel have a pool. Of course, if budget weren't an issue we'd get adjoining rooms too =)

Can you see how excited the kids were to go swimming!

This was the first time swimming this year and we were curious to see how they were going to do.

Ella jumped right in and went all the way under all by herself and was swimming like a fish within minutes. Ezra was surprisingly comfortable in the water compared to last year.

Now, if only we could get it to stop raining here so we could make it to the pool or the beach and really let their feet get wet!
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Kelly Via said...

Awe, that is awesome!! I sure hope it stops raining for you guys!! Keep the pictures coming so we can see what you guys are up to! Have fun!!

PS - if you have your coupons with you, you should make a quick CVS stop...some good Sun/Monday deals are out there.