6 years and counting...

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Jeremiah and I celebrate 6 years of marriage this week.

Wow, has it really been 6 years?

Actually, since we dated for 6 years...that makes 12 years that we've been together.

Here's a picture from way back in the day to prove it...
You'll want to click on it to look at it larger and see just how young we look! And in case you don't recognize us...we are in the upper left hand corner =)

Yeah, we were just youngun's!

In honor of this anniversary occasion...

Look for a bunch of "marriage-y" posts planned for throughout the week.
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Briana said...

WOW. that's an old pic, that's for sure. Man i hated that stupid haircut. sigh, you guys look so litte! Especially Jeremiah, my goodness is he 12? ;) hehheee, good memories. Congrats "kids".