Florida 2009, day 4

The sun finally showed up and we wasted no time getting ourselves to the beach!

Ella is a beach bum...she would go and go and go and go. She has no fear! And this was the first year that Ezra really enjoyed the beach too. Last year he wasn't walking yet and a crawling baby at the beach = sandy mess = no fun for me!

I could write and write about the day...but I think I'll just let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

What an incredible day!


Kelly Via said...

FUN FUN! So glad you had a great day in the sunshine!!

BTW, is that a Target bathing suit you are sporting?? I think I saw that one in the store, and it was one of my favorites!! I like it!

Tim said...

I never knew Pal was a LA Regional Champion in 1982. Huh....and to think that was the year I was born...


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