Looker 2.0

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I jokingly (and lovingly!) tell Jeremiah at least 2x's a week that his "looker" must be broken =)

You know, the "where is the ______?" questions when the _______ is right there!

Anyone else have a husband with a looker that needs a new update?
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Anonymous said...

Josh cannot find the checkbook or stamps when paying the rent every month...its been in the SAME SPOT for almost 4 years!!!


Bobbie Grant said...

Corey would loses everything, I almost don't trust him with Rea in public. I'm afraid he'd misplace her.
Thanks for the pull-up advice. I wish I had went with underwear from the start.
Did you ever get the email I sent you? I think it took me about 3 weeks to write and send and I'm thinking I maybe sent it to the wrong address :)