Florida 2009, day 2

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Despite all the rain (this part of Florida has gotten over 10 inches this week!) we were determined to not let it damper our time together...

so off we headed to the Jacksonville Zoo...umbrellas in hand =)

When we first arrived it was just a sprinkle. No big deal, right?


Not five minutes later it was a serious downpour.

We finally gave up trying to stay dry and just let the kids get drenched. I think they had more fun jumping in the puddles than anything!

Ok, now onto the pictures...

The whole clan (while we were still dry!)

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mommajeane said...

It looks like you all are having fun! I love the smiles on Jim and Debbie's face... you guys are certainly enjoying having all the "grand" kids around.... Love all of you... lots of sonshine going on down in Florida even without the sun.