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I read an article a while ago that said the longer you live with someone the more alike you look. And the more alike you look is actually a sign that you have had a good marriage. Something about showing empathy with your facial expression to mirror the emotions your spouse is showing.

Interesting thought.

Jeremiah and I celebrate 6 years of marriage this weekend and while I think we aren't looking any more alike these days, we certainly have both rubbed off on each other in a lot of ways:

- I really like football now.
- He really likes to read now.

- His clothes match a lot better.
- Athletic wear now makes up the major part of my wardrobe.

- I know the story behind the names of Superman, Wolverine, and other various superheros.
- He knows the story behind the names of Rothko, Warhol, and other various artists.

- I now like buffalo chicken pizza.
- He now drinks coffee.

- I can now keep my computer clean of viruses
- He can now do just as good a job as me of cleaning the bathroom.

- I know the difference between an inline 6 engine and a V-6 engine
- He now knows the difference between a perennial and an annual.

Give us 50 more years together and maybe we will start looking more alike!
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mommajeane said...

I love it... you guys are great together. Alot has happened in these 6 yrs... blessings for many more ! Love you all.

Kelly Via said...

That's a super fun blog Jenn!! Happy Wonderful Anniversary!! Hope you have a wonderful celebration! You guys are awesome!

Tasha Via said...

Sweet post, Jenn!